Recycling to Reduce Pollution

There is much work do be done to tackle the environmental issue of pollution, but we are on our way to a great start!

Below are some recycling opportunities that are not advertised but are available:

*Printer cartridges
*Major corporations offer recycling directly through them and as an additional  incentive for the consumer, they add perks to your next purchase:
      *Apple Computers (recycle your old version & get credit towards new one)
      *MAC Cosmetics (return 6 empty containers receive free eyeshadow)
      *Estee-Lauder Cosmetics
(return finished product container & get incentive)
*Here are a few more websites of companies that offer recycling:

There are recycling locations that help in reducing waste such as:


* Parks and public communities should be equiped with recycling bins and trash cans as well.

   Educating all ages about the importance of recycling and caring about our planet will further broaden the knowledge and techniques that can be applied. Children are educated about recycling not only in schools but are also targeted through what is known to be their attractions which are network television and games. The following are websites are broadcasted for our youth:
*Disney Channel:
*Discovery Channel:

Needless to say there are many organizations out there that focus on this worldwide environmental concern. In order to protect our future generations from suffering, the effort has to come from every individual on this planet. Together we can make a difference, and preserve the rights of beauty of habitat even if it is not noticeable in our time, our personal attempt will progress through the years.